The Pierce County jail staff will implement and maintain the inmate classification plan to ensure that inmates are classified in a fair and consistent manner according to their individual custodial management and program needs.


The purpose of classification is to provide fair and consistent guidelines in determining inmate assignments, whether they are pre-arraignment or post-arraignment to housing areas, security levels, treatment and program services. The process is also to provide the safety and security of the inmates and the staff. The classification staff performs the following functions:
  • Assigns inmates to security / custody categories
  • Holds classification reviews to ensure the inmate's appropriate classification and treatment considerations
  • Makes housing assignments
This process assists booking deputies to make decisions at the time of booking regarding initial custodial management and treatment needs of inmates.

Classification Timeline

Inmate classification is intended to aid in the temporary cell assignment upon booking at the intake / pre-bond stage. In a direct interview with the inmate, the officer considers the following in determining appropriate short-term housing placement: current charges, legal status, current physical / mental and medical condition and predatory risk.

Initial classification occurs within the first six hours of booking. Inmates are moved from a temporary holding area within 72 hours of booking.

For More Information

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