Pierce County Jail Commissary 

All monies must be received by Sunday evening at 9 p.m. for all inmates.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE:  iCARE packages are currently unavailable. For more information click on this link iCARE message.

Commissary is responsible for ordering a variety of merchandise and making it available for resale to the inmates. Inmates are allowed to order such items as candy, snacks, cosmetics, beverages, writing materials, miscellaneous items and clothing, provided they have sufficient funds to pay for what they order. The inmate classification level determines how many commissary items they can order. 

Indigent Items

Commissary provides indigent items for inmates who have no money available to purchase items. An inmate is considered indigent if he has less than $1 on his account. The items they can order are limited to hygiene and writing materials. All commissary is distributed on a weekly basis. 

Inmate Funds

You may send money to an inmate via the following methods:

  • Internet deposits (via credit cards)
  • TouchPay Kiosk (located in the lobby - cash or credit)
  • Toll free by calling 1-866-232-1899 Facility Locator Number: 298402

For More Information

For more information, call the jail administration at (253) 798-4668