General Health Services

Health Services Examinations

Health Services staff provide community standard medical, dental, and mental health care to inmates. This process begins at Booking.


During intake the booking nurse screens all arrestees who may have a health problem to determine their appropriateness for housing in the facility. The booking nurse will also see all arrestees who have been under treatment by outside medical personnel.

Routine Health Care

Sick call is offered five days per week for routine medical care. An inmate seeking medical attention can fill-out a medical request form (kite). Kites are collected from the medical box, and prioritized according to medical protocol within 24 hours.

Dental Care

Basic dental care is provided to inmates by a licensed dentist. Inmates can request to be seen via a kite request form.

Other Routine Medical Care

We can test or make accommodations for:
  • Blood sugar checks
  • Special diets for specific medical conditions and special diets for religious reasons
  • TB testing


The medical staff will verify with a doctor's office or pharmacy any prescriptions brought in by an incoming arrestee. Medication passes are provided three times per day, by nursing staff, for all inmates receiving prescription medication.


Medical staff is on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The emergency response system works in conjunction with the local emergency rooms to provide a swift and appropriate response to all in-house medical emergencies. Transportation to the hospital is provided as needed.

For More Information

For more information, contact Jail Booking at (253) 798-4590 or Jail Administration (253) 798-4668.

Miguel Balderrama, M.D.