Review & Contempt Hearings

Review Hearings

The court may set a review hearing at any time on its own initiative to monitor how the parties are complying with the court's order and reducing truancies. A school district may also request a review hearing by filing a progress report with the truancy prosecutor.

Contempt Hearings

It is the school district's obligation to inform the court if the student is out of compliance with the court's order compelling school attendance. The school district will file a progress report with the truancy prosecutor for a show cause hearing requesting that a contempt hearing be set:
  1. The hearing will be set and legal counsel shall be appointed for the student.
  2. The court will issue an order directing the parties to appear at a contempt hearing.This order shall be sent to the student and his/her parent(s)/guardian.
  3. The truancy prosecutor is obligated to provide discovery to the student's attorney in a timely manner.
  4. A hearing will be held to determine whether the student demonstrated a willful disregard for the court's order compelling attendance and an order of contempt may be issued.
  5. An order of contempt may include coercive measures intended to improve the student's willingness to comply with the original order compelling attendance, including community service, fines, detention or participation in community-based programs.