Contract Services & Responsibilities

Services & Responsibilities Fulfilled

The Sheriff's Department continues to provide services to all unincorporated areas and to those cities who request our assistance. To meet the demands and challenges of existing contracts and to secure new contracts, the Contract Services Unit in the Sheriff's Department was established in April of 1998. The responsibilities of the Contract Services Unit include:

Customer Service

The Contract Services Unit strives to:
  • Assess and improve customer satisfaction levels
  • Establish positive relationships with all contract city representatives and residents
  • Identify, monitor and respond to potential risks that threaten contract stability
  • Meet at least quarterly, or more frequently, with contract city representatives to insure communication, provide opportunities for feedback, etc.
  • Prepare and distribute periodic reports to contract cities regarding service levels, contract compliance, etc.
  • Provide training on customer service, marketing, etc.


The Contract Services Unit strives to:
  • Attend existing and prospective contract City Council meetings to increase visibility, awareness of and sensitivity to city issues
  • Develop and prepare innovative marketing proposals
  • Identify funding sources to enhance marketing efforts
  • Promote department image through gap analysis, periodic customer satisfaction surveys and dissemination of public information

Contract Management

The Contract Services Unit strives to:
  • Centralize all department contract management, oversight and administration
  • Develop data base of all department contracts, including names, agency, terms, expiration dates, etc.
  • Draft, negotiate, execute and monitor all contracts
  • In concert with appropriate persons, insure timely processing of all billings and accounts receivable
  • Provide staff training on contract conditions, compliance, etc.


The Contract Services Unit strives to:
  • Assist contract city chiefs with marketing, negotiations, customer service and contract compliance
  • Compile and maintain data necessary for all contract matters
  • Facilitate policy and procedure development regarding contracting, regional services, etc.
  • Identify and market different types of Sheriff's services
  • Identify 'waterline' (negotiable / non-negotiable) issues
  • Network with other public safety contracting agencies to share information, improve service, monitor industry trends, etc.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact the Contract Unit at (253) 798-3430.