How Do I Get My Property Back?

Safekeeping & Found Property

Call the property room at (253) 591-5984 or (253) 798-7522 to schedule an appointment. If ownership cannot be determined or a firearm is involved, you may be required to obtain a property release.

Case Pending

If you are a defendant and your case is pending, contact your attorney or assigned council to request a property release from the prosecutor's office. Once that release is obtained, contact the property room to schedule an appointment.

Victim / Defendant on Closed Case

If you are a victim, or a defendant on a closed case, you must file a claim for your property with the originating police agency. Tacoma Police Department claim forms can be obtained from any TPD station. Pierce County Sheriff's Department claim forms can be obtained from any PCSD station or online (see below). Review and processing may take up to four weeks. Once the release is obtained, contact the property room to schedule an appointment.

Property Release Information

You can seek the return of your property by completing this printable form and returning it to:

Pierce County Sheriff's Department

ATTN: Property Room
930 Tacoma Ave. S., Room B-76
Tacoma, WA 98402

You can also submit an online form.

Review Process

The review process can take up to four weeks; complete and accurate information will expedite the process. You will be contacted during regular business hours once a decision has been made regarding the release of property.

If you have been charged with a crime and are represented by an attorney, please have your attorney contact the appropriate prosecuting authority.

If the property taken is contraband or illegal to possess, it will be destroyed.

If the property was seized pursuant to a search warrant, you may also be able to seek return of the property by filing a motion for return of property pursuant to Superior Court Rule 2.3(e) under the cause number assigned to the warrant. You can obtain the cause number from the Pierce County Superior Court Clerk, 930 Tacoma Av S, Room 110. You must provide the date when and location where the warrant was served.

The return of firearms is controlled by RCW Chapter 9.41, which prohibits possession of firearms by convicted felons, persons convicted of domestic violence offenses, and persons subject to certain court orders. By state law, background checks are required for all firearm releases regardless if the person has a concealed pistol license.