What Cadets Do


Below are listed some of the activities cadets do during the program:


There are two academies held per year where cadets receive training from various law enforcement professionals. Cadets are required to attend one per year.

Community Service

Cadets do events such as fingerprinting children, traffic control, security for special events and more.

Competitions / Conferences

There are several competitions that the cadet program participate in where the cadets can test their skills. There are also regional and national conferences held which the cadet program attends.


Once cadets are certified they can go on ride-alongs with deputies. This gives cadets a first hand look at a career in law enforcement.


Walk-alongs provide an eligible cadet with a first-hand view of a correctional officer's duties in the Pierce County Jail.

Weekly Meetings

The cadet program has weekly meetings, which are currently held on Sundays at 4 p.m. (subject to change). During these meetings, cadets receive training from deputies on various topics of law enforcement.

Contact the Cadet Program

If you are interested in finding out more about the Cadet Program, call:
  • Corrections Deputy Jon Blind at (253) 377-2621
  • Corrections Deputy Yolanda Guiler at (253) 377-2860
  • Deputy Jeff Johnson at (253) 798-4963
  • Deputy Joe McDonald at (253) 798-4940