Hiring Process: deputy sheriff & corrections deputy

STEP #1 - Successfully Pass the Written & Physical Test

Applicants must go to the Public Safety Testing website and sign up to take the written and physical agility tests. The testing site and location will be posted on the Public Safety Testing website; multiple dates and locations are available and you will be able to select a testing site that best works for your schedule. 

When you schedule a test on the website, you must select to have your scores sent to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department to be considered for jobs with our department. You must do this before you take the test.

We have numerous workshops scheduled for throughout the year to help you prepare for the written and physical tests. If you would like more information regarding employment with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department please contact our recruiting team at (253) 798-4324.

NOTE: Lateral deputy sheriff and lateral corrections deputy applicants do not need to take a written or physical agility test.  If you are a commissioned law enforcement or corrections officer, please contact [email protected] to request a lateral application.

STEP # 2 - Successfully Pass the Background Investigation

Applicants must meet the Sheriff’s Department hiring standards and successfully complete the background investigation process. Failure to successfully complete any phase of the Sheriff’s Department hiring process is cause for removal from the employment register.

Oral Board 

  • The oral board interview process consists of two stages, a pre-oral interview and a formal oral board interview.
  • First is the pre-oral interview with a background investigator. During the pre-oral interview the candidate will be asked a series of questions designed to assist the Sheriff’s Department in the hiring process and is used as a baseline for the formal oral board and polygraph. This interview is also used to determine that the candidate meets the minimum qualifications and is within the standards set by the Sheriff’s Department. You will know that day if you will continue in the process to the formal oral board.
  • Second is the formal oral board. During the formal oral board the candidate will be asked a series of questions from a panel of three members of the Sheriff’s Department.
  • The formal oral board is pass/fail and you will be informed of the results immediately following the completion of the interview.


  • The polygraph is administered after you successfully complete the oral board process. It is designed to verify information and usually takes about 2.5 hours.

Background Investigation 

  • The background investigation is the most detailed portion of the hiring process.
  • Included in the background investigation are reference checks, personal interviews, neighborhood checks and work history checks. Criminal, driving and financial history checks are also performed at this time.
  • After a conditional offer - if necessary - the final steps include a medical examination and a psychological assessment and interview.


  • Upon successful completion of all portions of the hiring process, selected candidates will be appointed to positions within the Sheriff’s Department.
  • Selected candidates will receive official notification from Pierce County Human Resources advising when employment with the Sheriff’s Department will begin.

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