Clandestine Lab Team

Team Mission

The mission of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department Clandestine Lab Team is to identify, process for evidence, and eradicate all actual and suspected illegal clandestine labs within the jurisdiction of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, or when called upon to provide assistance to another jurisdiction.

The primary goal in every response made by the Clandestine Lab Team is to ensure the safety of responding personnel, the public and the environment. This goal requires the utmost level of professionalism, attention to detail and thoroughness. The dedication and discipline inherent in these qualities is expected in every member of the Clandestine Lab Team.

The secondary responsibility of the team is an ongoing lab awareness training program, where members of the team act as instructors for various presentations to fire departments, law enforcement, regulatory agencies and other community organizations. These programs vary in length and content from one-hour overview presentations to four-hour awareness training classes.

Of Interest to Community

Recently the Clandestine Lab Team processed two of the largest lithium-type methamphetamine labs in Pierce County history. Combined these two labs had a production capacity of over 60 pounds of illegal methamphetamine in just the last several months alone.

The members of the Clandestine Lab Team are dedicated to the mission of identifying, processing, and eradicating illegal drug labs in Pierce County, and continually reviewing new ideas and technology to increase the safety and success of our members and the community at large.

For More Information

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