2023 Fares

All fares are round trip and collected at the Steilacoom Terminal. Vehicles, drivers, and passengers must be in position with tickets 20 minutes prior to departure times or they may not be allowed to board the ferry.

Walk-On, Passenger, and Bicycle

Passenger Type
Year-Round Fares
Adults (ages 19 and older)
Youth (ages 6-18) 
Children (under age 6)  
Senior ID or Disability Permit $3.08


Includes Driver (Additional passengers must purchase passenger fares) Non-Peak
(Jan. 1-May 25;
Sept. 5 -Dec. 31)
(May 26-Sept. 4)
Motorcycle $11.34 $15.67
Senior ID or Disability Permit $9.40 $13.01


Includes Driver (Additional passengers must purchase passenger fares) Non-Peak
(Jan. 1-May 25;
Sept 5 -Dec. 31)
(May 26 -Sept. 4)
Vehicle (Up to and including 22 foot length)
$20.90 $28.86
Senior ID or Disability Permit (up to 22 feet)  $17.37 $23.96 
Over 22 feet to under 30 feet 
$42.49 $58.69
30 feet to under 40 feet 
$67.67 $93.41
40 feet to under 50 feet
$90.40 $124.81
50 feet to under 60 feet
60 feet to under 70 feet  
$135.51  $187.13
70 feet to under 80 feet
$166.10  $229.36
80 feet to under 90 feet
$196.63 $271.52 
90 feet and greater
$232.57  $231.13

Value Pass

5 trips Year-Round Fares
Passenger/Walk-on $24.83 * 
Motorcycle $45.23
Vehicle (up to and including 22 ft) $83.62 * 

*Value Pass tickets are valid for 40 days from date of purchase until the expiration date indicated on each ticket. They may be used by only one passenger per vehicle per trip and may not be used by other vehicles or passengers waiting to board the ferry vessel. No refunds for unused, lost, or stolen tickets. Value Pass tickets are not eligible for refunds.

Additional Fare Information

  • Peak season vs. non-peak season refers to a seasonal change in fares depending on the time of the year. Peak season rates are in effect from the Friday before Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day of each year. Non-Peak season rates are in effect the remainder of the year.  
  • End of season/year fare refunds for unused tickets from the previous season/year must be requested within 10 calendar days from the start of the new pricing.  
  • Refunds are available for tickets purchased online or at the terminal, that have not been used, are not expired, and fall within Pierce County Ferry’s refund period (10 days after ticket expiration date). Request a refund online: Refund Request form.
  • Senior citizens (age 65+) must show valid photo ID or a Regional Reduced Fare Permit at the time of boarding.
  • Disabled passengers must show a valid disability ID at the time of boarding (acceptable ID includes Regional Reduced Fare Permit, ADA paratransit card, or Medicare Card with photo ID).
  • Vehicle length is measured from the furthest protruding item at the front of the vehicle to the furthest protruding item at the rear of the vehicle and/or trailer. Logging trucks, whether loaded or unloaded, will be charged the 60 to under 70 feet category.
  • Large carry-on items, including kayaks, canoes, and other items of comparable size which are typically stowed on the vehicle deck of the ferry vessel, shall be charged at the motorcycle rate. This rate includes the fare for the walk-on passenger carrying the item to be stowed.
  • Fare exemptions are allowed for police, fire, and medical vehicles with tax-exempt plates and only in the event of an emergency.
  • Oversize vehicles over 8.5 feet wide, 14 feet high, 80 feet long must communicate with the ferry operator in advance to determine if the vehicle/load is suitable for transport onboard the ferry. Please call (253) 588-1950 or complete this form and email to [email protected].
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