Special Assessments

Special assessments are charges imposed by districts upon properties that receive some benefit from that specific district. The assessments are allowed under the Revised Code of Washington for each type of district collecting the charge. These are not ad valorem property taxes but are carried on the property tax statement as a convenience for each of the different types of districts and to save the districts the extra cost of additional mailings.

Fire Benefit Districts, Conservation District, Noxious Weed, Lake Weed and Drainage Districts are just some of the charges you might see on your property tax statement.

To inquire about any of these special assessment charges you should contact the district directly using the following information:

Noxious Weed Control Board – (253) 798-7263
Surface Water Management (SWM) – (253) 798-4020
Pierce Conservation District – (253) 845-9770
Central Pierce (CP) Fire Benefit Charge – (253) 538-6400
Valley Regional (VRFA) Fire Benefit Charge - (253) 288-5800

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