Lease Opportunities

Lease opportunities at Tacoma Narrows Airport (TIW)

Lease rates below are effective as of Jan. 1, 2023 and are monthly rates, unless stated otherwise. All leases are subject to a 12.84% Washington State Leasehold Tax which is included in the prices below.

 Hangar waitlist is open and accepting applicants for all hangars

Hangar Waitlist Application - send waitlist applications to [email protected] 

Transient Tie-Downs

Located on apron at base of control tower

$5.25 per night (limited to 29 days in a 6-month period)

Payment box is located at base of control tower, north side, 

adjacent to electronic exit gate

Transient Hangars

Please contact us for more information: [email protected] 

or 253-798-8550

Per night: $26.25

Per week: $157.50


Located on North Apron

Regular, per month: $64.85

Large, per month: $88.21

Communal Hangars

1712 Building

One building, some internal walls, and individual 40-foot hangar doors

Hangar space only


1724 Building

One building, with individual 50-foot hangar doors

Hangar space only


Single-Occupancy Hangars & Offices


T-Hangar with 40 ft door 


T-Hangar with office and 40 ft door 


Quad Hangars

Single buildings, each divided into four hangars with 42-foot doors


Stand Alone Hangar

54 ft by 56 ft hanger with 52-foot door 


Corporate Hangars

65 ft by 55 ft hanger with 63-foot door


65 ft by 55 ft hanger with office, bathroom and 63-foot door


If you have any questions about your monthly billing, please contact Meagan Donathan at 253-798-3102.  

Lease Management Fees

Initial Hangar waitlist fee (per submission): $50 (non-refundable)

Annual Hangar waitlist fee (invoiced on June 1st each year): $50.00 (non-refundable)

Lease application fee (per submission): $25 (non-refundable) 

Other building/land leases/rents - do not include 12.84% Washington State Leasehold Tax

Land lease, per square foot: $0.25-$1.69

Office/annual, per square foot: per agreement

Leasing Contact

To initiate a tie-down lease, hangar lease, land lease, or commercial lease, please email [email protected]

Privately Owned Hangars

There are more than 100 privately-owned condo hangars located at Tacoma Narrows Airport.

Airport Operations Area Access

In an effort to increase security and decrease the amount of vehicle traffic on the Tacoma Narrows Airport, access to the TIW Airport Operations Area transitioned in November 2013 from a code-access entry system to a proximity card entry system. Please refer to the Security Gate documents below for additional information.

Security Gate Card Application

Security Gate Card Policy

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