Recording, Excise, and Map Fees

Cash, checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards are accepted for in person transactions. Please make checks payable to Pierce County Auditor for transactions via mail.

Note:  Effective July 1, 2019 and July 28, 2019 recording fees will increase.

Recording Fees Increase in July 2019

Due to recent RCW revisions, recording fees for most documents will increase. Our goal is to ensure proper recording of your documents and reduce document rejections due to these changes. The fee changes have different effective dates. 

HB 1923 creates a new $2.50 surcharge for Urban Planning effective July 1, 2019.
Fee Sheet Effective July 1, 2019 

HB 2015 creates a new $2.00 surcharge for a State Library and Archive Building effective July 28, 2019. 
Fee Sheet Effective July 28, 2019

Recording Fees

Type of Recording Fees
Fee Amount
Standard fee: First page $103.50
Standard fee: Each additional page
Exceptions: Assignment of Deed of Trust, Resignation of Trustee, Appointment of Trustee and Substitution of Trustee, IRS Federal Tax Lien & Release Documents - First page $18.00
Exceptions: Each additional page $1.00
First page - Lien/Satisfaction of Lien recorded by state, county, and city offices only. $39.00
Each additional page $1.00
Deed of Trust - First page $104.50
Divorce Decrees and Death, Marriage, and Birth Certificates $39.00
Each additional page $1.00
Recording of multiple title documents, for each title/transaction after the first (depending upon document title and fee listed above) $18, $39, $103.50, or $104.50
Non-standard documents, in addition to recording fee $50.00
Military Separation Record - Form DD214 No Fee
Request for Exemption from Public Disclosure of Military Discharge Papers
No Fee
References RCW 36 - RCW 58.24 - WAC 332-150

Excise Fees

Type of Excise Fees
Fee Amount
Processing tax-free excise tax affidavits
Processing excise tax affidavits with tax owing $0.01-4.99 $10.00 minus tax
Processing taxable excise tax affidavits  $5.00 plus tax
References RCW 82.45 82.46 - WAC Chapter 458-61A

*A merchant fee will be charged on all taxable excise transactions when paying by credit/debit card.*

Map Recording Fees

Type of Map Recording Fees
Fee Amount
Boundary Line Adjustment, Resolution, or Revision
Surveys, Site Plans, Short Plats or Large Lots $187.50
Each additional page $5.00
Plats and Condos, up to 40 lots including seals $187.50
Above 40 lots & over 5 seals
add $0.50 per additional lot and $1.00 per additional seal
Cemetery Plats, up to 40 lots and 5 seals $187.50
Above 40 lots & over 5 seals
add $0.25 per additional lot and $1.00 per additional seal
Lot Combination - First Page $167.50
Each additional page $1.00

Miscellaneous Recording Fees

Type of Miscellaneous Recording Fees
Fee Amount
Certified photocopies, legal size or less, first page
Each additional page $1.00
Uncertified photocopies, legal size or less, per page $1.00
Searching records, including UCC searches, per hour (copies require additional fee) $8.00
Map copies, 18' x 24', per page
Mylar - $7.00; Bond - $5.00; additional page $1.00