Library Services

Reference Services

The Library has 65,000 volumes of legal materials located throughout Pierce County (Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Sumner, & Parkland Spanaway).  Reference librarians are ready to assist with legal research, and to help find the best resource to answer legal problems. Librarians cannot offer legal advice, confirm analysis, or review documents for accuracy. 

The Library also has online database resources for both use in the Main Tacoma branch, such as Westlaw & Lexis Advance, and databases that can be used remotely. Use of the databases is free. The cost for printing in the Library is .25 cents per page.  

Conference Rooms

See our reservation form.

Legal Forms & Packets

The Library sells packets of legal forms, both inside the Library  where we accept cash or credit/debit cards, and online via paypal. If you have any questions, please call 253-798-2691.

Family Soft Support Calc (Legal+Plus) Software

Patrons are invited to use the Library's Legal+Plus software to compute child support, complete financial declarations, and complete other essential child support forms. This software is periodically updated to reflect current tax implications and represent current legal requirements of Washington's courts. The charge for printing is .25 cents a page. 

Fax Services

Send and receive fax services are provided for $1 per page. The charge of $15 per cite if photocopying is necessary. Documents exceeding 10 pages are charged extra. Fax services must be prepaid.

Interlibrary Loan

The Library will attempt to arrange for the interlibrary loan of books and periodicals which are not in its collection. All charges associated with the loan will be paid by the patron.

Photocopiers and Printers

The Library provides photocopiers and computer printers for patron use. The charge for photocopying is .20 cents per page and requires cash--$1s, $5s, or coins. The charge for printing is .25 cents a page.

Word Processing

The Library has computers equipped with Word for word processing, and online court forms. The charge for printing is .25 cents a page. 


A typewriter is available for public use.


County Guest Wi-Fi is available for public use. Please ask for the password at the front desk.