Admission - Fantasy Lights

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General Vehicle Admission (at the gate)

Non-Peak Nights:

Nov. 21-29, Dec. 6-10, Dec. 13-17: 

  • $15 per vehicle /mini-bus (up to 24 passengers)

Peak Nights:

Dec. 4-5, Dec. 11-12, Dec.18-27:     

  • $20 per vehicle/mini bus (up to 24 passengers) 

Bus Admission:

Nov. 21-Jan 3, 2021:          

  • $45 per bus (25 or more passengers)
    Discount admissions are not valid with buses. Bus admissions must be purchased at the gate only.

Discount Vehicle Admissions

Online Discount Ticket Purchase:

Nov. 21-Jan. 3, 2021

  • Save $3 on general vehicle admission. 
    (Online convenience fee will apply.)

Discount Nights:

Nov. 30-Dec. 3, Dec. 28-Jan. 3, 2021

  • $10 per vehicle
  • Purchase at the gate or online. 
    (Online convenience fee will apply.)

Tickets are priced per vehicle. 


Online vehicle admission tickets may be used for any night, however, if the purchased ticket value is less than the gate admission fee on the night you are attending you will be charged the difference in price at the gate.

(Example: If a customer purchases a $12 discount admission online for a non-peak night and attends on a peak night - $20 admission at the gate, the customer will be charged an additional $8 at the gate.)

Due to record numbers of attendance and higher than anticipated crowds a limited number of online tickets are available. If a date does not appear on the ticket purchasing site, that date is sold out.

When booking online  - double check a valid email address has been entered to receive your online tickets.

All rates subject to change. No refunds will be issued for online ticket sales.