Application & Selection Process

The commission application and selection process may require up to four months from start to finish. The following description outlines the specific steps in the process.

First Steps

When a TNAAC position becomes open, the Airport and Ferry Administrator and staff will submit an ad to the county paper of legal tender and the local paper, submit a notification to the County Executive's Office and County Council District 7 Office, post an announcement on the Tacoma Narrows Airport webpage, and distribute an email advisory message to all members of the county's airport alert notification list.

Application Submission and Review

The application process is open for a minimum of a two-week period. (See the Membership Requirements page for "How to Apply.") Upon the closing of the application window, all applications received will be reviewed by the Airport and Ferry Administrator and staff. An application summary matrix will be created to include each candidate.

County Executive's Role

The Airport and Ferry Administrator will submit a letter of recommendation to the Pierce County Executive, including the applications and application summary matrix for the recommended applicants.

The County Executive's Office will hold a "Meet and Greet" interview with each recommended applicant. The Executive Office will next notify the Airport and Ferry Administrator of the applicant(s) selected. Airport and Ferry staff will then complete a County Council Resolution requesting that the selected applicant(s) be confirmed to the commission. The resolution is sent first to the Executive's Office for review and is then submitted to the County Council for confirmation.

County Council's Role

Upon receipt of the resolution, County Council staff sets a review date and the resolution is reviewed by the Rules Committee. Upon acceptance by the Rules Committee, the resolution is then scheduled for Council confirmation. It may require four to five weeks before the resolution is placed on the Council's weekly Tuesday meeting agenda, depending on the time of year and the Council calendar. Items submitted to the Council during November and December may be subject to a longer process time.

Once the County Council has confirmed and signed the resolution, it is returned to the Pierce County Executive with a copy returned to the Airport and Ferry Administrator.

Final Selection and Notification

Upon Council confirmation and completion of the resolution process, a letter is sent to each applicant notifying them of the final selection.
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