Expectations of Jury Duty

Plan for a one week window of time from 8:00 - 4:30 each day.
  • One week or until dismissed by the Court. Your term of jury service is generally one week. This time may be extended if you are selected for a trial which may take longer than your original service requirement.
  • You will be here from 8:00 to 4:30
  • The County-City Building does not open until 8:00 a.m. However, Courthouse Security will begin allowing Jurors in the building at 7:30 AM so long as you have your Summons or Juror Badge with you indicating you are currently on Jury Duty. As you enter the County-City Bldg. you will be scanned by courthouse security personnel. 
  • Plan on 30 minutes to find your parking and come thru security
  • Once you are on a case, you will continue to come in until the case is completed.

Next Day Report Groups

  • Each night during your one week period of service you will be asked to call the jury line for your group numbers information.
  • Call the jury line (253-798-7782) every night AFTER 5:00 PM. Listen for your group number which is located on your Summons. If your group number is called to report, then come in.
  • Internet information at Next Day Report Groups. Listen/look for your group number which is located on your Summons. If your group number is called to report, then come in
  • Report to the County-City Building at 930 Tacoma Ave. S., between 11th and 9th streets at 8:00 a.m., Room 123.
  • On YOUR first day you will receive Orientation and then plan to wait

What should I wear for jury duty?

  • Dress comfortably, but not too casually. Dress for Court as if you were going to work or to church. Many Judges do not allow anyone to come to Court wearing halter or tank tops, cut-off jeans, shorts, or shirts with offensive wording. Remember you will be acting as part of the Court while serving as a juror, so dress appropriately. Also, you might want to wear layered clothing since courtroom temperatures may vary considerably, requiring the removal or addition of a sweater or jacket.

Can I smoke?

  • Smoking is permitted only in designated areas. Smoking is not permitted in the building.
  • Watch for the Yellow Flashing Light – when you see it, please return to the Jury Room.

Where do I report and what happens?

Come to the County-City Building at 930 Tacoma Ave. S., between 11th and 9th streets between 7:30- 8:00 a.m., Room 123. When you report in, you will be shown how to scan yourself in. Orientation begins at 8:00 a.m., a Judge will welcome you and the Jury Coordinator will explain what to expect as a juror. You will also be given additional information from the Court staff, and shown another short orientation video. You will be here all day and most of this week. If you get on a case you will stay until it is complete.

Employer Responsibilities - Jury RCW 2.36.165

It is against the law, per RCW 2.36.165, for an employer to fire or demote or harass an employee because they serve as a juror. RCW 2.36.165(2) states 'An employer shall not deprive an employee of employment or threaten, coerce, or harass an employee, or deny an employee promotional opportunities because the employee receives a summons, responds to the summons, serves as a juror, or attends court for prospective jury service.' However, the law does not require that the employee be paid in full while serving.

Will I be locked in a hotel during the trial?

It is extremely rare for a jury to be 'sequestered' or kept in a hotel during a trial. You should expect that you will be allowed to go home at the end of each court day

Is Security provided?

Security officers and a metal detector are at the entrance of the first and second floors. Everyone entering the building will be screened. Please DO NOT bring ANY sharp bladed instrument of any size to the County-City Building.

Lost Item

If you lose something while on Jury Duty, contact us or leave a message with a description of your item and your contact information. We keep most items for 2 months before disposing of them.