Parking/Bus/Mileage Information


View and print information for your parking options

Free Parking is Limited. The parking permit is attached to your summons. Be sure to display your parking permit on the dash of your vehicle in official jury parking locations only.

Please be aware that we will not be responsible for parking violations of any kind.

American Disability Parking

  • Enter lot off 11th St, directly behind 2nd floor of the County City Building.
  • Take the card from the machine and leave it in your car.
  • Once you show your BLUE AMERICAN DISABILITY card and your driver's license to the attendant, they will validate your parking.

Downtown Campus Parking Information

View parking options and directions


You can sign up to receive bus tickets on your first day of jury duty by completing a short application. If you choose to receive bus tickets, you will not be reimbursed for mileage.  The county will issue you two bus passes each day you serve; 1 ticket to get home and 1 ticket to return the next day.

View Pierce Transit Route Information


Your mileage is automatically calculated based upon your zip code. You will receive a check every two weeks with your mileage and daily juror pay calculated together for the days you were in attendance.

Bridge and Ferry Fees 

Narrows Bridge toll is automatically reimbursed by a separate check based on your address. To have Pierce County Ferry Fees reimbursed, you will need to submit your ferry receipts and complete a reimbursement request.