Postponement & Acceptable Excuses


To postpone your service to another date, please follow the directions on the blue postcard you received by logging into the Four Step Response System. Complete all four steps verifying your personal contact information, qualifying as a juror to Step Four. Here you will see where you can accept, postpone or be excused.

Please Note

You can request an excusal or postponement through the juror response webpage or a letter (see instructions below). On a one time only basis, you may request postponement by calling our Jury Response phone line at (253) 798-8808. Select any Monday within the next six months. If you require an additional postponement, send your written request to:
Jury Administration
Room 123
930 Tacoma Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98402


If you are not able to login to the Juror Response webpage to request an excusal or you need to postpone to another date beyond six months, please send a written request along with your juror badge number to the return address provided on your blue postcard or the jury summons form.

Letter Format

Follow this letter format when requesting to be excused from jury service:
  1. Employment or health provider letterhead
  2. Your name
  3. Your badge number
  4. A short explanation
  5. Your signature that you are in agreement with this request to be excused

Reasons for Being Excused

Continue reading about acceptable reasons for being excused from jury service.