Important Tax Title Information

Important Information

  • Parcels are offered on a "where is" and "as is" basis with no warranty - It is important to remember that Pierce County makes no representation of warranty, expressed or implied, as to the physical condition of any property,its fitness for any use or purpose. It is the buyer's responsibility to thoroughly research the property prior to purchasing. No representation of any official or employee concerning the condition of the property or title thereto is authorized by Pierce County.
  • Research the property prior to purchasing - It is the buyer's responsibility to determine to his/her satisfaction, before sale, any easements, liens, and conditions, covenants or encumbrances to which the property will be subject in the hands of the buyer. These County resources may help you research the properties.
    • a. Assessor-Treasurer Parcel Search (ATIP) - Some parcels may have local improvements, special assessments or have community association dues for which payment will be due. Most special assessments are collected by the Assessor Treasurer. Community Association dues are typically collected by the association.
    • b. Pierce County Auditor - Easements and restrictive covenants are survived by tax foreclosures. Most easements are listed on the title searches and will be on record at the County Auditor Department. The Auditor's office has a searchable Recorded Documents page.
    • c. Planning and Public Works - Research building feasibility, zoning, and permitted land use. Check for environmental restrictions, access issues, available utilities and other permit related issues. Check for projects, including road construction, that may impact this property in the immediate future.
    • e. GIS Website - View and download over 250 standard maps of Pierce County. The "About My Property" feature has information about jurisdictions and environmental conditions.
    • f. Title Insurance - Are you able to get title insurance on the parcel you are interested in? Most title companies will not provide title insurance for up to ten years after the date of sale. Policies vary with each title company. If you are planning to build, title insurance may be important to you.
    • g. RCW 36.35 - Washington State Tax Title law.
    • h. Physical Inspection of Property - Do a site visit prior to purchasing the property. Look at what is being offered for sale. Is there access to the parcel? Are the boundary lines identifiable? Is the parcel being used in some way by neighbors? The Public GIS may help you locate the property. Access the "Locators" icon, then enter the parcel number.

Completing an Intent to Purchase Form

To initiate the sale process, please complete an intent to purchase form.