Procedures for Law Enforcement Officers

Security Screening Process & Weapon Checks

The following procedures apply to fully commissioned law enforcement officers who wish to retain their weapons while in a Pierce County courthouse:
  • All fully commissioned law enforcement officers, uniform and non-uniform, shall display their departmental photo ID to court security staff upon entering the courthouse. Officers shall advise court security staff of the purpose of their visit, affirm that they are acting in their official capacity and disclose their destination in the courthouse.
  • For the purpose of this policy, a weapon is a firearm, ammunition, knife, impact weapon, electronic device or chemical agent the officer would normally possess in their position as a fully commissioned law enforcement officer.
  • Official capacity refers to any activity that arises from employment as a commissioned law enforcement officer requiring them to enter a Pierce County courthouse. It does not include jury duty, appearing as a victim, witness, spectator or party to any court proceeding, civil, domestic or criminal in which they are personally, not work-related, involved.