Local Emergency Planning Committee

2023 Meeting Dates and Locations

The Pierce County LEPC meets on the second Tuesday of every four months; from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Dates and meeting materials available below:

  • January, 17 2023 Draft Agenda
  • April 11, 2023
  • July 11, 2023
  • October 10, 2023 
What is the Pierce County LEPC?

Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) are community-based organizations formed under the authority of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, commonly called "EPCRA", a United States federal law.

The purpose of EPCRA is twofold: (1) to encourage and support emergency planning for responding to hazardous chemical incidents; and (2) to provide local governments and the public with information about chemical hazards in their communities.

To better enable cooperation between the chemical industry, community members, environmental organizations, first responders, and others, EPCRA established an ongoing "forum" at the local level: the LEPC. EPCRA also established a State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) for each state to designate the LEPCs within its territory.

View the Pierce County LEPC Bylaws, or the current emergency response plan for the planning district.

Tier Two Reporting

Inventory reporting provides information on the amounts, location, and storage conditions of hazardous chemicals within Pierce County. The purpose of this requirement is to increase public awareness of chemical hazards in our communities and to better inform emergency planning.

Each year, owners and/or operators of facilities that have over a certain amount of a hazardous chemical must submit a Tier Two report by March 1 to meet the reporting requirements of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPRCA).

Facilities located in Pierce County, Washington submit their completed Tier Two reports to:

               [email protected]*

Facilities must also submit completed Tier Two reports to their local fire department or fire district.

*NOTE: This email address is not monitored 24/7, in real time. For providing emergency release notifications, use the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management 24-hour Duty Officer email address: [email protected]. Facility owners and/or operators should use the [email protected] email address to submit follow-up notification forms.

Additional Information

Committee Officers

The following volunteers serve as officers of the Pierce County LEPC:

  • Acting Chair: Todd M. Kilpatrick, Pierce County Department of Emergency Management.
  • Vice-Chair: (vacant)
  • Secretary: (vacant)

Training for LEPC Members

Description and Frequency
Open Public Meetings Committee officer training requirement: every member of the governing body of a public agency must complete training requirements on the Washington State Open Public Meetings Act within 90 days of assuming office, or taking the oath of office, and at intervals of no more than four years as long as they remain in office
Training PPT for members of LEPC This presentation is for LEPC members to review the main components of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA). Frequency is same as described above.