Chambers Creek Regional Park Trails

There are many trails, some along the two-mile saltwater shoreline, with beautiful views from mountains to sound.  All the trails here are paved, so the area is ADA-friendly, and surrounding the golf course, beautiful views are evident inside the park and out.  Chambers Creek Regional Park offers an entire day's worth of activities for the whole family.

Soundview Trail (North)

Located in the northern part of Chambers Creek Regional Park, Soundview Trail connects to both ends of Grandview Trail making the two trails walkable as a loop. The trail winds from Cirque Plaza across the northern edge of the properties then descends through a portion of Chambers Bay golf course to Central Meadow. Here the trail turns to take you back up the hill to meet with Grandview Trail at 62nd Street Court West. 

  • Access Points: Cirque Plaza, 62nd Street Court West
  • Difficulty Level: Difficult (grades in excess of 10%)
  • Length and Duration: Two miles
  • Accessibility: Pedestrian, bicycle

Grandview Trail

Located along the top of a 200-foot bluff, Grandview Trail offers sweeping views of the Chambers Bay golf course, Puget Sound and the surrounding islands. The trail system continues adjacent to 64th Street and the trails at the Environmental Services Building.

  • Access Points: 62nd Street Court West, Cirque Plaza, 56th Street Plaza, Environmental Services Building area
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Length and Duration: 1.25 miles
  • Accessibility: Pedestrian, bicycle, wheelchair

Central Meadow Loop Trails

There are two loops around Central Meadow. The inner loop runs from the parking area through the center of the meadow and past the restrooms. The outer loop takes you around the entire 11-acre lawn. You may want to detour across the pedestrian overpass and onto the beach.

  • Access Points: Central Meadow parking area, Soundview Trail
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Length and Duration: Inner loop: 0.25 mile, outer loop: Three laps = two miles
  • Accessibility: Pedestrian, bicycle, wheelchair

64th Street Trail

Located adjacent to 64th Street, this trail links into Grandview Trail and the trails at the Environmental Services Building. This trail is planned for expansion in the future.

  • Access Points: 64th and Chambers Creek Road
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Length and Duration: 0.25 mile
  • Accessibility: Pedestrian, bicycle, wheelchair

Environmental Services Area Trails

Located on the grounds around the Environmental Services Building, the walking paths provide citizens an opportunity to view a reclaimed gravel pit. Once a former county road shop, the site now contains two multi-purpose playfields, the Chambers Creek Labyrinth, native plantings, interpretive signage and a stormwater demonstration garden.

  • Access Points: 64th and Chambers Creek Road
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Length and Duration: 0.5 mile
  • Accessibility: Pedestrian, bicycle, wheelchair

Chambers Creek Canyon Trails 

On December 17, 2021 a ribbon cutting event was held for the first bridge built to connect the City of Lakewood to University Place near Kobyashi Park. The Chambers Creek Canyon Trail project will include additional bridges that provide a safe crossing point for trail users as well as prevent environmental damage. Learn more about the Chambers Creek Canyon Trail project.

There are two short nature trails located within the Chambers Creek Canyon. The trails are primitive in nature and allow people to experience a true urban forest setting. Watch for our deer and coyotes, which call the canyon home.

One trail begins at Chambers Creek Road just south of the bridge near Chambers Creek estuary. This trail is approximately six-tenths of a mile long and ends at 91st Avenue Court SW in the Tiffany Park development.  The other trail begins at the City of University Place’s Kobayashi Park and travels west along the creek for approximately one-half mile. A side trail extends north from this trail to Chambers Creek Road West.

Future plans call for an extension of this nature trail along the canyon to Kobayashi Park near the Chambers Creek confluence with Leach Creek.  Once complete, the trail will be approximately two and one half miles long.  

The City of Lakewood, the City of University Place, and Pierce County are working together to complete the Chambers Creek Canyon Trail. In the beginning of 2017, the three jurisdictions released the Chambers Creek Canyon Trail Design Report. The Design Report provides details on the proposed trail route, bridge crossings, and trailhead locations.

Chambers Creek Design Report cover
  • Access points: South of Chambers Creek Bridge, 91st Avenue Court SW, end of Phillips Road, end of Phillips Road, Chambers Creek Road West south of Bridgeport Way West, and Kobayashi Park
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Length and Duration: 0.5 to 1 mile segments
  • Accessibility: Pedestrian