Swimming Safety Tips

Know the Water

  • Hypothermia risk exists.
  • The bottom of the lake is uneven with sudden drop-offs, dead trees and other hazards.
  • Keep away from boats by staying inside the buoy line.
  • No lifeguards are on duty.

Know Your Limits

  • Be aware that cold water can kill, even on hot summer days. Stay close to shore and rest if you are cold or tired.

Wear a Life Jacket

  • Wear a life jacket. It's easy to misjudge the water and your swimming skills. Trouble can happen quickly, be prepared.

Supervise Children Around the Water

  • Nothing replaces adult supervision.
  • Assign an adult to watch children at all times.
  • Constantly watch your children in or near the water.
  • Keep young children within arm's reach.


  • Water at Lake Tapps comes from a glacier. Lake Tapps water averages 50 degrees in the summer. This is not the same as air temperature.
  • Swimming in a glacier-fed lake is not the same as swimming in a heated pool.