alertSPIRE Rock Temporary Closure 

Starting March 1, 2023, SPIRE Rock is closed until further notice as part of Sprinker Recreation Center's outdoor improvement project
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Located at Sprinker Recreation Center
14824 'C' Street S.
Tacoma, WA 98444 (map)

About SPIRE Rock

SPIRE Rock is a man-made rock formation located at Sprinker Recreation Center. As you enter Sprinker Recreation Center's parking lot, SPIRE Rock is located to the far left of the facility between the ballfields and Breseman Forest.


Public Use / Reservations

Local climbers enjoy unlimited access to SPIRE Rock throughout the year although occasionally mountaineering and rescue organization will reserve specific use of the facility for training and instructional purposes. Classes are also offered through various parks and recreation departments during the year.,

The intention, however, is to promote the sport of rock climbing rather than restrict it. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that all users get fair access.

SPIRE Rock is typically restricted for group use from 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. daily. While there may be a group active on the rock during these times which gives them priority in the use of the climbing rock, the group is still expected to facilitate the opportunity for others to enjoy its use. A nominal fee is charged for group reservations. To confirm the availability of SPIRE Rock, to make comments about the operation of the program, to donate monies for further improvements or cleaning of the rock, or to volunteer your time or skills please contact Andrea Clay, Parks & Recreation Manager, at (253) 798-4072.



Known formally as Spanaway Ice & Rock Education, the construction of SPIRE Rock took two years and was dedicated on August 11, 1976. Wayne Cooke served as the chairperson for the SPIRE Rock committee to ensure bringing this project to fruition.

It was designed by climbers and was built by climbers for climbers. Thousands of hours of labor were spent on this extraordinary project in the interest of providing a safe climbing facility in Pierce County.

All work was performed by volunteers - from mixing mortar to pumping concrete to hoisting white granite. Manpower was also contributed by the U.S. Army and the use of their 40-ton crane and the Corps of Engineers who helped transport the rocks used to create the facility.

SPIRE Rock cost $4,016 to build, a fraction of the cost had it been contracted out. Monies were donated by Safeco, the Boys Scouts of America, the Tacoma Mountaineers, and various rescue organizations. Over the years, numerous mountaineer groups have contributed monies and time to help keep SPIRE Rock clean and free of debris.