• Five members total
  • Three members from the general public appointed by the County Executive
  • Two Career Service employees elected by their peers
  • Term length: Three years
  • Maximum terms: Two

Current Members

Member Name  Elected / Appointed 
Bernice Morehead  Appointed 
Laura Wulf, Chairperson Appointed 
vacant Appointed 
Kim Burnett Employee Elected 
Hongda Sao Employee Elected 

Appointed Members

Eligible candidates must be Pierce County residents and qualified voters. Board members may live in either incorporated or unincorporated Pierce County. Ideal candidates will have a background of experience or education in Human Resources processes, personnel management, federal and state employment law, policies and practices, or will have been involved in presenting or adjudicating grievances. The ability to render impartial and fair decisions is imperative.

To apply, download the application and contact Harold McNeal in the Pierce County Human Resources office at (253) 798-6174. Applications are reviewed, and the top candidates are recommended to the County Executive for appointment. Personnel Board members are appointed by the County Executive and are ratified by the Pierce County Council.

Elected Members

Career Service candidates seeking to obtain nomination for placement on the election ballot must obtain the signatures of at least 35 Career Service employees prior to a pre-election deadline.

For nominating purposes, a Career Service employee is any regular county employee who is not on the managerial or legal pay grids ('E' or 'R' grid), not on initial probation, and who is in one of the following county departments:
  • Assessor-Treasurer
  • Assigned Counsel
  • Auditor
  • Budget and Finance
  • Clerk
  • Communications
  • Community Connections
  • Emergency Management
  • Executive
  • Facilities Management 
  • Family Justice Center
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Examiner
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Planning and Land Services
  • Public Works
  • Risk Management
  • Veteran's Bureau