Housing Affordability

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Expanding Housing Opportunity and Affordability

High housing costs make it difficult to find a place to live, impacting many, but especially low- and moderate-income families. Pierce County encourages homeownership and strives to make housing more attainable for families by reducing some of the barriers and costs of providing housing including

  • Project review times
  • Fees
  • Land scarcity
  • Regulatory limitations

This page highlights the County’s programs, policies, and codes that can help people find a place in Pierce.

More Homes of All Sorts

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Housing Choice and Variety

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More Homes for Low-Income Families

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Land Development Opportunities

Land Development Opportunities

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Pierce County Partnerships

Regional South Sound Housing Affordability Partners (SSHAP)

SSHAP was formed in 2018 by local elected officials in Pierce County and its cities. The group is focused on coordinating efforts among jurisdictions including those related to local housing needs, affordable housing incentives, statewide lobbying, and funding source identification. 

Local Pierce County Affordable Housing Workgroup

The Affordable Housing Workgroup consists of local housing providers, lenders, builders, realtors, advocates, designers, academics, and transit agencies. The Workgroup advises County Departments and the County Council on housing affordability strategies. The group will provide the County Council with a housing strategy implementation plan at the end of 2021.