Arterial Classifications

Arterial Classification List (PDF)
Last updated 2017

Note: All roads not specified as arterials are classified as local roads. 

Road Classifications in Pierce County 
Major Arterials
Major arterials provide service for major traffic movements within the county. They serve major centers of activity, intra-area travel between suburban centers, between larger communities and between major trip generators. Major arterials serve the longest trips and carry the major portion of trips entering and leaving the overall area. 

Secondary Arterials
Secondary arterials interconnect with and augment the major arterial system. They connect major arterials to collector arterials and small generators. They provide service to medium-size trip generators and distribute travel to small geographic areas and communities than those identified with the major arterial system. 

Collector Arterials
Collector arterials distribute trips from major and secondary arterials to the ultimate destination or may collect traffic from local roads and channel it into the major and secondary arterial systems. They carry a low proportion of traffic traveling through the entire subarea and also carry a high proportion of local traffic with an origin or destination within that area. 

Local Roads
The local road system provides circulation and access for residential neighborhoods away from the arterial system. 

Primitive Roads
By state law, counties may designate a public road as primitive if it has a gravel or earth driving surface and an average daily traffic of 100 vehicles per day or less. 

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