Building and Code Enforcement

Our goal is to provide timely and reliable reviews and inspections. The team's focus is the safety of our citizens. We help make Pierce County a place where people choose to live, work and raise a family. 

Building and Code Enforcement consists of the Building Inspection, Plans Examiner and Code Enforcement Sections. The team is responsible for ensuring all structures and properties in unincorporated Pierce County meet Federal, State, and County codes. We help build a safer community! 

Jeffrey L. Rowe, CBO 
Pierce County Building Official
Send an email or call (253) 798-7126 

Building Division Staff Directory

Building Inspection Section 

Building inspectors perform field inspections to ensure that all buildings are constructed in accordance with the various codes as adopted by Pierce County. The inspectors are certified by the International Code Council and cross train to cover the many diverse elements of the construction industry.

Daily inspection include:
Building, mechanical, plumbing, energy, ventilation, portions of the fire code and investigate building complaints regarding changes in use and building without the benefit of permits. 

Building Inspection Staff Directory

Plans Examiner Section

Plan Examiners review plans for all residential and commercial structures proposed within unincorporated areas of Pierce County. 

Plan Examiners review:
Architectural, structural, mechanical and plumbing designs. Review of building plans prior to approval for compliance with the building, mechanical, plumbing, ventilation, energy, and portions of the fire codes. They also review the alternative methods and materials for fire-resistive construction, structural design, life safety, barrier-free accessibility, hazardous materials mitigation, energy conservation and indoor air quality.

Plans Examiner Staff Directory

Code Enforcement Section

Our Code Enforcement section is responsible for looking into issues regarding solid waste and trash, junk vehicles, suspected public nuisances, site development, zoning and enforcing the property maintenance code. They act as a central “clearing house” for receiving and investigating the concerns regarding these issues in unincorporated Pierce County.

The Code Enforcement section provides education and technical assistance in an effort to gain voluntary compliance. They also organize community-based solutions for code enforcement through community meetings, events and outreach. Only when no other alternative is possible, do formal abatement proceedings begin for public nuisances on private properties. 

Code Enforcement Staff Directory