Pierce County Ferry System Projects

  1. Fall 2022: Christine Anderson Dry Docking
  2. Summer 2022: Anderson Island Parking Lot Project
  3. 2022 Ferry Financial Plan


Beginning early October, the Christine Anderson will be removed from active service for routine maintenance and preservation.

The Christine Anderson will set sail for Everett Ship Repair early October for maintenance work. This project is required every five years to ensure continuous maintenance and preservation of the vessels. The first phase of the M/V Christine Anderson Dry Dock project will include machinery overhaul, system modernization, hull inspection and repair, Coast Guard Certification, painting, and more.

  • Dry docking date for M/V Christine AndersonWeek of October 3 - Late November/Early December  
  • Duration: Approximately 45 working days

Back-up boat plan:

While the Christine Anderson is being worked on, the Steilacoom II will provide service to Anderson and Ketron Islands. In the event of an emergency or any unforeseen service issues with the Steilacoom II, Pierce County's has developed a back-up plan to provide limited passenger only service while repairs are made. The plan consists of walk-on only boat service (no vehicles) to move passengers to and from the terminals, and coordination with the local fire district, school district, and the Anderson Island general store.  

Walk-on boat service will be accessed via an On-Call (time) Charter. This option allows for the use of the boat only when it is needed. There are four boat providers that have agreed to operate in an on-call capacity for Pierce County if needed. Please be advised that it could take up to 48 hours to implement emergency service. Therefore, passengers may not be able to get on or off the islands for a maximum of 48 hours. Please plan your trips accordingly during the upcoming Dry Dock period. Any changes to service due to an emergency will be shared through Rider Alerts, social media, and the website. Christine Anderson DryDockCA DryDock arrivalThe Christine Anderson Arrived at Everett Ship Repair on Wednesday, Oct. 5. 

Dry Dock Project Updates

Oct. 13 - 27:

During this time, crews covered a substantial amount of painting as well as the Coast Guard visual inspection for certification. The Coast Guard walked the hull and engine room and found that the hull is visually in decent shape. There is some minor deflection (denting) noted on the vehicle deck on one end, likely due to an overweight truck on deck at some point.

The other major work in progress this week is addressing the rudder stocks and propulsion shafts. The rudder stocks were in much better condition than expected and will not require substantial work – only paint and general maintenance. The tail shafts (portion of the propulsion shaft that passes through the void space inside the hull but outside the engine room) were found to have more corrosion than initially expected. The corrosion is repairable.

Oct. 28 - Nov. 9:

 st  Tt.Crews continue painting and we received a follow-up visit from the Coast Guard for inspection of the “dent” work. This work includes cutting out the dented steel and hull structure and replacing with new materials.  The repair areas have been temporarily installed and were awaiting Coast Guard approval to start the final, permanent installation.  

Nov. 10 - Dec. 2:

Crews are finishing up the final stages of work for dry docking with a focus on mechanical work for the steering and throttle, painting, and non-skid safety additions for the deck and walkways. Testing of all the boat's mechanical systems, along with sea and dock trials, will be necessary to make sure the boat is ready to go back to service. We expect the Christine Anderson to return to Steilacoom by the second week of December. 

CA Weekly Drydock Report - Dent repair 2022

221026 dry dock 1

221026 dry dock 5

221026 dry dock 6

221026 Dry dock 4

Ferry Planning

  • 2020 Ferry Schedule Pierce County incorporated input from a ferry schedule customer survey and the Anderson Island Citizen Advisory Board's ferry committee in planning an updated 2020 schedule.
  • 14-Year Ferry Program The 14-Year Ferry Program (2020-2033) is a ferry system planning document required by state law. Pierce County embeds this document annually with the County's Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).
  • 2015 Waterborne Transportation Study  Most recent report with recommendations for improvements to the Pierce County Ferry System. The study included: population and demographic changes projected through 2034, service changes that would enhance island economy and livability, financial sustainability of the ferry system and 14-year capital needs of the ferry system. 
  • 2013 Ferry Service Evaluation The purpose of the 2013 Ferry Service Evaluation was twofold: first, to evaluate several proposed service changes that have been suggested, and second, to evaluate the results of recently implemented and historical service changes that have been put into effect. The Pierce County Ferry System will use this study to determine future potential schedule changes to better serve its customers. 
  • 2003 Waterborne Transportation Study Prior report with recommendations for improvements to the Pierce County Ferry System.

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