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To improve the quality of public services by developing, accessing, expanding and sharing learning resources for public agencies and their employees.
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About Us

TRAIN is a consortium of local, state and federal governmental agencies that have partnered together to share training resources and sponsor conferences and special training events. The TRAIN Consortium has been operating since 1999 and has sponsored training conferences for the past 18 years. Conferences have been targeted to audiences of administrative support staff, field staff, executives and management and supervisors.

Agencies actively participating in the TRAIN Consortium attend regular monthly meetings and co-sponsor conference events. This group of agencies makes decisions regarding budget and training events. Pierce County Organizational Development and Training spearheaded the development of the TRAIN Consortium and serves as its coordinator.

Benefits of participating in the TRAIN Consortium

  • Agencies co-sponsoring the annual conference receive a reduced registration cost for their employees attending a conference.
  • Monthly meetings are also great for networking with other public agencies. Each meeting includes conversations about training needs and resources; agencies often offer the use of facilities space for training; and group discussions provide creative ideas and assistance with questions regarding training needs and resources.
  • In addition, regularly participating agencies are able to benefit from various training subjects provided by Pierce County Organizational Development and Training to their agency for a minimal fee.