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The Puyallup and Chambers Watershed Salmon Recovery Lead Entity members work together to protect and enhance wild salmon populations. Chinook, coho, chum and pink salmon, as well as steelhead, cutthroat and bull trout all call Pierce County’s rivers and streams home. For generations, salmon have been an important part of this area’s culture and economy. It is the job of everyone living and working in Pierce County to help protect these special fish for future generations to help ensure that they also have the quality of life that we currently enjoy. The Puyallup and Chambers Watershed Salmon Recovery Lead Entity is made up of many partners including other local governments, state, federal, and tribal stakeholders and non-profit organizations committed to ensuring this work is carried out with the goal to protect and enhance the wild salmon populations.

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Lisa Spurrier
Lead Entity Coordinator
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Lead entities are local, watershed-based organizations created by RCW 77.85 to solicit, develop, prioritize and submit habitat protection and restoration projects for funding by the state's Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB). 

The water resource inventory areas (WRIAs) 10 and 12 are also called the Chambers-Clover Creeks and Puyallup River watersheds. Both WRIAs are included in one lead-entity. The lead entity has developed a strategy to recover salmon in these watersheds. The strategy guides the ranking of salmon recovery project proposals and can be found in the Resource Library below. 

At a regional scale, there is a Salmon Recovery Plan with individual chapters for each watershed (in most cases). You can find more information about recovery plans from Puget Sound Partnership.


Building A New Future at South Prairie Creek

Learn more about restoration projects in Washington at psp.wa.gov/PSAR

Countyline Project on the White River, sponsored by King County. For more information please visit their website.

Viewing Salmon and Habitat Restoration Sites in your Watersheds

These salmon signs can be seen at salmon recovery sites in WRIAs 10 and 12

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Boise Creek Sign_final

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   State of Salmon - an interactive site explaining the current conditions for salmon. 

   The 2018 State of Salmon in Watersheds is the State’s biennial report on salmon, 

   their habitat, and the progress of statewide salmon recovery efforts. Saving salmon for the