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Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) / Puget Sound Acquisition and Requisition Fund (PSAR) Grant Round Process

Find out more about funding salmon habitat and restoration projects in general, see the RCO website here.

Current SRFB/PSAR Grant Round for WRIA's 10/12.

Current Puget Sound Partnership Large Capital PSAR RFP.

Featured Project: Fennel Creek Restoration


The Fennel Creek Restoration Project restores 40 acres of floodplain, including the lower ½ mile of Fennel Creek. It will provide long-term quality spawning and rearing habitat for salmon, and good habitat for wildlife.

This project will restore salmon habitat in Fennel Creek just upstream of where it flows into the Puyallup River. This project will be divided into several phases of work. This second phase, completed in 2015, will restore the west side of Fennel Creek downstream of McCutcheon Road. The work:
  • Created a new stream channel in which the water from Fennel Creek can flow. The new channel is approximately 1,880 feet long and 20 feet wide.
  • Removed portions of the man-made berm that separated Fennel Creek from the wetlands to the west, thereby reconnecting the creek with its floodplain.
  • Added large pieces of wood and logjams in the new and existing channels to redirect water to the new channel, slow the water’s flow and help provide fish habitat.
  • Planted native plants along the stream banks and in the floodplain.
Photos of the Fennel Creek Project

Fennel Creek and Salmon

Fennel Creek is an important salmon-bearing stream that flows to the Puyallup River. It provides valuable spawning and rearing habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead, which are endangered species. Chum, coho, pink salmon, and coastal cutthroat trout also use Fennel Creek.


This project is funded by the Salmon Recovery Funding Board with a Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration grant and Real Estate Excise Tax funding from Pierce County.

Other Funding Sources:
  • King County Cooperative Watershed Management Grant: Funding is only available for portions of WRIA 10 (Puyallup Watershed) within King County.
  • Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program: The Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program provides grants to protect and restore near-shore areas of Puget Sound.
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