Construction Terms & Definitions

Bid Opening: Stage in project advertisement process where sealed bids, received by prospective bidders (Contractors) are opening and examined by the County.

Bidder: An individual, partnership, firm, corporation, or joint venture, submitting a proposal or bid.

Completion Date: The day all the work specified in the contract is completed and all the obligations of the Contractor under the contract are fulfilled. All documentation required by the contract and required by law must be furnished by the Contractor to Pierce County before establishment of the Completion Date.

Contract Ad Date: The date the project is advertised for bid.

Contract Award: The time at which the advertised project is awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.

Notice To Proceed: Formal notification given to the Contractor that officially begins the project. The monitoring of the number of contract working days begins on this date.

Physical Completion Date: The day all of the work is physically completed on the total project. All documentation required by the contract and required by law does not necessarily need to be furnished by the Contractor to Pierce County by this date.

Pre-Construction Meeting: Meeting held between Contractor, Pierce County Construction engineers, and various Utility Agencies affected by the construction. The meeting serves as an introduction to the project for all parties involved.

Punch List: A list of minor remaining items to be completed or deficiencies to be corrected prior to granting Physical Completion.

Subcontractor: An individual, partnership, firm, corporation, or joint venture who is sublet part of the Contract by the contractor.

Subgrade: The top surface of the roadbed on which the surfacing gravel and paving materials are placed.

Substantial Completion Date: The day the Engineer determines the Contracting Agency (Pierce County) has full and unrestricted use of the project area, both from the operational and safety standpoint, and only minor incidental work or correction of repair remains in order to obtain the physical completion date of the total project.

Utility Window: Time frame in working days that all affected utility companies are given at the start of the project. This phase typically occurs prior to the Contractor beginning physical work within the project area.

Working Days: The total number of days that is estimated to physically complete all work within the project limits (excluding holidays, weekends and days unsuitable due to weather).
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