Ranked Choice Voting

Why Ranked Choice Voting?

In November of 2006, the voters of Pierce County approved Instant Runoff Voting, which provides that the election of all county officials, except judges and the Prosecuting Attorney be conducted using instant runoff voting. All qualifying candidates will appear directly on the general election ballot.

Please note that from this point forward this method of voting will be referred to as 'Ranked Choice Voting'. The first Ranked Choice Voting election was held on November 4, 2008.
Informational Brochure

Blue Ribbon Review Panel

The Pierce County, established a Blue Ribbon review panel to provide input and feedback as the Auditor's office developed the voting protocols necessary for carrying out RCV elections in Pierce County. The panel met in 2007.

Meeting Minutes
Member Position  
Jeff Even Deputy Solicitor General Office of the Attorney General
Katie Blinn
Assistant Director of Elections Office of the Secretary of State
Nathe Lawver Chair Pierce County Democratic Party
Deryl McCarty Chair Pierce County Republican Party
Ruth Bennett Chair Libertarian Party of Washington State
Kevin Phelps Member Chamber of Commerce
Patty Rose
Secretary/Treasurer Pierce County Central Labor Council
Dennis Jones Chair Pierce County Veterans Advisory Council
Nancy Pearson
League of Women Voters of Washington
Dan Eberle
Chair Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment