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Ranked Choice Voting Algorithm Results

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The rules of ranked choice voting require an algorithm to eliminate from the race the candidate who received the fewest first choice votes. This algorithm advances those ballots to the second choice candidates. This occurs in rounds. If a ballot has no second or third choice candidate marked, the ballot is considered exhausted.

The algorithm continues to eliminate candidates in rounds until one candidate receives a majority (over 50%) of votes.

To understand the difference between the First Choice and RCV vote totals:

1. A number of first and/or second under votes reported were, in fact, advanceable ballots.

2. The RCV algorithm advances those ballots and sums them in Round 1.

3. The candidates(s) with the lowest vote total is selected for elimination.

Ballot Definitions:
The number of Continuing Ballots (Round 1) is the number of ballots with a mark for a candidate in the First choice, plus those whose marks were advanced.

An Exhausted Ballot(s) is any ballot that cannot be advance because no further candidates are ranked for a given race.

An Exhausted Ballot(s) by Over vote is any ballot that cannot be advanced because two or more voting positions are marked in one rank.