Stormwater & Site Development Manual

The Pierce County Stormwater Management and Site Development Manual (Manual) was created to establish design and analysis criteria for almost all types of development activity. The intent of the Manual is to:
  • Establish criteria for review and analysis of developments and;
  • Manage stormwater to minimize contact with contaminants and;
  • Mitigate the impacts of increased runoff due to urbanization and;
  • Manage runoff from developed property and property being developed.
  • Make low impact development the preferred and commonly used method of stormwater management.
Pierce County began regulating stormwater runoff in 1984 and there have been periodic updates through the years as technology changed, environmental impacts were recognized, and state or federal laws took effect.

The Development Engineering section coordinates updates to the Stormwater and Site Development Manual (Title 17A).
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Stormwater Manual Update

Mitch Brells, Development Engineering Manager
(253) 798-2291