Regional Road Maintenance Guidelines

ESA Manual

In 1999, both bull trout and Puget Sound Chinook Salmon were listed as 'threatened' in the Puget Sound region. In response to these listings, the Tri-County Regional Road Maintenance Group was formed which created the Regional Road Maintenance Program.

Part 1- Regional Program
he Regional Program is made up of ten program elements which are the foundation of the program. Implementation of all ten program elements is required for a local agency to obtain a 4 (d) take limit (NMFS) special 4 (d) rule, and/or a Section 7 take exemption from USFWS.

Part 2 - Best Management Practices
Best Management Practices (BMPs) are Schedules of activities, prohibitions of practices, physical structures, maintenance procedures and other management practices to reduce pollution or to provide habitat protection/maintenance. The Regional Program has a set of site-specific BMPs for road maintenance activities. Under the Regional Program, road maintenance, environmental, and engineering design staff can use these BMPs, in addition to routine BMPs presented in Part 1 to achieve conservation outcomes identified in the Guidelines.

Part 3 - Application Template
The Part 3 Application is an individual agency application for a 4 (d) take limit (NMFS), special 4 (d) rule and/or Section 7 take exemption, to receive an elimination or reduction of the standing prohibition of take for threatened species (USFWS) under the Regional Program. The Part 3 Application, known as the 'plug-and play' part of the Regional Program, allows local agencies to 'plug' into Parts 1 and 2 of the program. The Part 3 Application is a specific commitment that an agency will comply with the ten program elements in Part 1.

Appendix A
list of contacts for information on the Regional Program.

Appendix B
description of the role of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Highway and Local Program (H&LP) or the Regional Forum in screening Part 3 Applications to the Regional Program.

Appendix C
BMP Outcome Category matrix. It is a tool for planning, selecting and implementing BMPs that achieve the conservation outcomes of the Regional Program.

Appendix D
Four sample checklists agencies can refer to or use to implement the Regional Program. The checklists contain useful steps for planning and selecting BMPs, conducting pre-construction or pre-maintenance meetings, and implementing BMPs.

Appendix E
Fish Exclusion Protocol.

A glossary of terms used in the Regional Road Maintenance Guidelines.

Index of important terms used in the guidelines.

Biological Opinion
The report prepared by the the National Marine Fisheries service which summarizes the effect of the program on listed species.

Submittal Letter
The official letter committing Pierce County Road Operations to the program. This is the part 3 application.

NOAA Approval Letter
The official letter from the National Marine Fisheries Service accepting Pierce Counties application.

Sequential Environmental Assessment
The Sequential Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact of the program prepared by NOAA fisheries. This document satisfies the NEPA requirements of the program.
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