Superior Court Commissioners

Superior Court Commissioners 2021

Ten full-time court commissioners are employed by the court. The commissioners preside over and decide matters in various divisions such as Civil, Juvenile, Civil Mental Health, Adoptions, and Criminal.

  • Mark Gelman, appointed January 2001
  • Robyn Lindsay, appointed October 2006
  • Clint Johnson, appointed October 2010
  • Craig Adams, appointed March 2012
  • Barbara McInvaille, appointed January 2017
  • Terri Farmer, appointed November 2017
  • Philip Thornton, appointed December 2019
  • Karen Watson, appointed January 2021
  • Ingrid McLeod, appointed April 2021
  • Doris Walkins, appointed May 2022

Superior Court Commissioner Services (CSD) is the Commissioners' Legal Assistants. You may contact CSD at (253) 798-6697.

For more detailed information regarding the Court Commissioners can be found under Court Divisions, Court Commissioners.