Blue POSTCard - Respond to a summons

The Court is requesting that jurors respond online to the Blue Postcard to complete a survey on behalf of the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts. The survey should take around 3 minutes and all responses are anonymous.

To ACCEPT, POSTPONE, or request an EXCUSAL, you will need to complete the entire process the first time you access either the phone or the web login. (You can do this only once, as the automated system collects information and does not allow for multiple attempts.)

  • Answer on the web now -- one time only
  • Call 253-798-8808 -- one time only. This will take about 10 minutes or so as you answer the multiple questions.

Excusals and postponements can be done thru the web login or by contacting Jury Administration by email or phone Please see the information below.  NOTE: this web login can also be used to see your status if you're waiting for an answer on a previously submitted excusal.  Allow 24-48 hours before you log back in to see if your status has changed to "You are excused."

  1. Accept
  2. Postpone
  3. Request Excusal
  4. What if I Don't Show Up

Once you have responded to your blue card by accepting your jury duty, you will receive the red & white summons with your group number and call-in instructions. 

  1. If the report date is less than 1-2 weeks in the future,  please email us for your next best step.
  2. If there is only a few days before you are to report and
    • You plan to commit and complete jury duty, come in on the first day of the week, arrive at 7:30 a.m and bring your blue postcard.
    • If you cannot commit to this date, do not come in. Send us an email. We will respond on the next workday with a better plan for you, a new date or excusal