About Boards and Commissions

Public involvement is vital to good government, and service through boards and commissions is an effective way to make a positive impact in our community. Pierce County's population represents many interests and has concerns regarding a variety of issues. Participation enables Pierce County government to address the issues facing our community and provide quality services.

Through involvement on more than 48 boards and commissions, members are helping shape programs targeted for such groups as children, senior citizens, developmentally disabled persons, and a variety of other services which benefit the community. Participation involves responsibilities such as advising the County on how best to develop and implement programs, promoting economic development, allocating funds, and hearing appeals from administrative decisions.

The County Executive and the County Council seek board and commission nominees to represent the diversity of Pierce County's population. Board and commission members are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. In most cases members serve without compensation.

Community member interest and participation enhances and improves the administration of local government. Besides serving on a board or commission, community members can participate in other ways, such as attending and testifying at public meetings and hearings, contacting county officials and, most importantly, voting.

Our hope is that you will be challenged to donate your time, experience and expertise as a board or commission member. Pierce County government, you, and the community will benefit. Working together, we can better identify and address the sensitive and complex issues facing Pierce County today and in the future.

Thank you for considering this opportunity and doing your part to make Pierce County a better place to live and work. Your willingness to serve is appreciated.

Apply today.