Mountain Detachment

Staffing & Jurisdiction

The Mountain Detachment staff consists of:
  • 2 Sergeants, one assigned to day shift and one to night shift
  • 18 total deputies in the detachment who provide 24 hour coverage, with a minimum of two deputies on duty for each shift
  • 1 Investigator
The Mountain Detachment serves the residents of Southeast Pierce County, from 224th St. E. to Mount Rainier, serving the unincorporated areas of Roy, McKenna, Eatonville, Alder, Elbe, Ashford, and parts of Graham, Orting, and Spanaway. The Mountain Detachment is approximately 700 square miles. Click here to view a map of the district.

Our deputies are normally in the field, therefore, the best way to contact them is by calling our Dispatch Center at (253) 798-4721 #1.

Helpful Resources for Residents of the Mountain Detachment

  • Reporting Crime Online
    • The Pierce County Sheriff's Department is pleased to offer an on-line crime reporting system for reporting some limited Theft and Vandalism Crimes as well as for the reporting of Lost Property. Click here to go to the Sheriff's On-Line Reporting System.
  • Neighborhood Crime Data
    • The Neighborhood Crime Data page can provide you with maps and statistics for crimes occurring in your neighborhood including case numbers, incident types and dates. Crime data is available for the following Mountain Detachment Community areas: the entire Mountain Detachment, Roy/McKenna, Pole Line, Eatonville, Kapowsin, Graham, and Spanaway.
  • Firearms & Shooting Complaints
    • We get numerous complaints from citizens regarding the discharge of firearms within the Mountain Detachment, especially around the time of hunting season. The majority of the Mountain Detachment is open for shooting. It is the responsibility of the shooter/hunter to ensure that they are in an open shooting area, that they are shooting in a safe manner and that they have the permission to be on the land they are using & not trespassing. Click here to see an overview map of all Pierce County Firearms Restricted Zones. For a detailed search of Firearms Restricted zones go the GIS Website by clicking here. The Sheriff's Department does not establish what areas are Firearms Restricted areas, that is determined by the Pierce County Council with input and advisement by the Firearms Advisory Commission after petition from the citizens of the affected area.
  • Methamphetamine Labs & Reporting Drug Activity
    • The Tacoma Pierce County Health Department tracks known Methamphetamine Labs in Pierce County. Their website provides a map and list of known meth sites in Pierce County and the status of the clean up of these sites, as well as resources and clean up information for contaminated sites. Click here to report illegal drug activity to the Sheriff's Department.
  • Domestic Violence
    • Domestic Violence should not be tolerated. If you are a victim of Domestic Violence we encourage you to report the crime and to seek help. To report Domestic Violence please call the LESA Dispatch Center at (253) 798-4721 #1 to speak to a Communications Officer and to request a Deputy contact you to file a report. Please click here to see Domestic Violence resource information. Petitions for Domestic Violence Protection Orders may be obtained, and assistance in properly completing them, in Room 108 of the County-City Building. Petitions for an Order for Protection may also be filed electronically at Domestic Violence Kiosk locations.
  • Animal Complaints
    • Pierce County Animal Control is a division of the Pierce County Auditor's Office. The unit is in charge of providing animal control services to residents in the unincorporated areas of Pierce County. These services include licensing, animal complaint investigation, containment and citations. Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies are not animal control officers and will not respond to routine animal control issues. If an animal incident posing an immediate threat to citizen safety occurs, a deputy may respond. For most animal related issues, residents of unincorporated Pierce County can call (253) 798-PETS (7387) for assistance. If an animal is attacking a human or another animal, residents should call 911 immediately.
  • Identity Theft
    • Identity theft and fraud crimes continue to be on the rise. Please click here for information on what you should do if you are a victim of identity theft and resource information.
  • Hulk Vehicles
    • Hulk Vehicles are a continuing problem within the Mountain Detachment. The Mountain Detachment Patrol Deputies work at removing abandoned vehicles within the Mountain Detachment. The procedure used to enforce the impoundment of abandoned vehicles is found in RCW 46.55.085 and RCW 46.55.010. These laws allow Law Enforcement Officers to impound a vehicle and describe the requirements that have to be met when doing so. To report abandoned vehicles that are on the right of way, please call (253) 798-3444. To qualify as a 'Junk' vehicle, per RCW 46.55.010, a vehicle MUST meet three (3) of the following conditions: Must be at least three (3) years old, must be extensively damaged, must be apparently inoperable, must have a 'Fair Market Value' equal only to the approximate value of the scrap in it. To obtain a Hulk Permit to authorize the removal of a Junk Vehicle from your private property, please call the Dispatch Center at (253) 798-4721 #1, and request to speak to a deputy regarding an abandoned vehicle. The Sheriff's Department will not arrange to have the vehicle removed. The Property Owner is responsible for the completion of the Permit Process and the removal of the Junk Vehicle after the vehicle has been inspected and the Hulk Permit issued.