Legislation & Proclamation

Legislative Proposals 

The Pierce County Council considers legislative proposals that fall into two categories:

  • Ordinances, which have the force of law; and
  • Resolutions, which confirm or reject executive appointments, make declarations of policy that do not have the force of law, and request information from other county government agencies (see Pierce County Charter, Section 2.55).

Note: Approved ordinances are often codified in the Pierce County Code

How to Provide Comment on Council Legislation

The County Council encourages comments on proposed legislation either in person at a Council meeting, in writing or remotely through Council's hybrid meeting format. Read how to provide remote public comment at a hybrid Council meeting.

You have several options for making your voice heard: 

  • Comment electronically through the Council's Comment on Legislation option available on each legislative item scheduled.
  • Contact the Council with the online comment form.
  • Attend a Council or Committee meeting where the proposal is on the agenda as an action item (see Calendar), and speak to the proposal when open for testimony. The Chair will usually limit testimony to 3 minutes per person.
  • Provide written comments at the Council or Committee meeting. If possible, provide 10 copies of any written testimony and hand it to the Clerk for the meeting.
  • Provide written comments via postal mail or email. See Contact Us bar for postal mail address. To be effective, these comments need to arrive for Council consideration before the final hearing.
  • Contact your Councilmember.

Tips for effective testimony: 

  • Give your name for the record.
  • Reference the Ordinance or Resolution number, and the topic of the proposal.
  • Be clear about what you support or oppose in the legislation.
  • Provide an email address on written testimony or on the sign-up sheet outside the Council Chambers if you would like to be notified of any possible future actions on this proposal. You can also sign up for notification of hearings by topic using the Council's Interested Parties List.


A proclamation is signed by the Pierce County Council, read during a televised council meeting and presented to a representative.

If would like a proclamation, a representative will need to be in attendance either in person or remotely through the hybrid meeting format to accept the proclamation. Council staff will contact you with date and time the proclamation will be read.

Please submit your request a minimum of four weeks before your preferred meeting date to allow time for approval on the agenda. Regular Council meetings are held on Tuesdays (official council meeting calendar) at 3 p.m. 

Meetings are held in Council Chambers, located in the County-City Building, 930 Tacoma Ave. S., Room 1046 in Tacoma. Proclamations are read and presented during the Council's regular, hybrid meeting and mailed to recipients.

To request a proclamation, please complete the proclamation request form. Proclamations are processed as requested and must be re-requested annually.

If you have questions about the proclamation process, please contact Natalie Ferri via email or (253) 798-7777.