SCAM ALERT 1: A caller who claims to be with a collection agency has been telling citizens that they owe fines and if not paid, District Court would issue a warrant for arrest. Some people have been told District Court would be in contact in 15 minutes to confirm. In 15 minutes they received a phone call in which the Caller ID showed up as the District Court main number – (253) 798-7487. The person was told that if $1000 was not paid within 15 minutes a warrant would issue. DISTRICT COURT DOES NOT ISSUE WARRANTS FOR FAILURE TO PAY A FINE. THIS IS A SCAM AND NOT TRUE!

No one from the court or collection agency would call and ask for payment to avoid a warrant. If you have fines in collections, contact TSI Transworld System Inc. at (800) 331-8019.
SCAM ALERT 2: A caller who claims to be with District Court has been telling citizens that they have a warrant and are given a name and phone number to call to have the warrant recalled. DISTRICT COURT DOES NOT CALL CITIZENS or RECALL WARRANTS OVER THE PHONE. THIS IS A SCAM AND NOT TRUE!

SCAM ALERT 3: A fraudulent email is being widely distributed around the U.S. with the subject line "Urgent court notice NR#73230" (or another random number) that claims the receiver is scheduled to appear in "the court of Washington" on a particular date. Click here for details.
If you have been a victim of these scams, please contact the Court by Live Chat, by phone at (253) 798-7487, or by e-mail.