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The links below under 'Reference Materials' provide farm businesses and landowners with information that may be useful as you consider taking on new projects. Any agricultural activity is bound by zoning allowances for a specific parcel.

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USDA Agriculture Census – The Agriculture Census is conducted every five years and collects facts and figures about American agriculture at the County level. It is conducted through a multi-year outreach effort by USDA staff and relies on accurate and timely responses from agricultural operations. The next Census is set to be released in 2022.

Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) – The Growth Management Act (GMA) shapes agricultural policies through the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan. It is the growth management act’s legislative order to maintain and enhance the agricultural industry and conserve productive agricultural lands.

Pierce County Comprehensive Plan – The Pierce County Comprehensive Plan was originally adopted November 1994. The Plan guides growth and future land use decisions in the County over a 20-year period. This document is regularly updated, with an amendment process that can be initiated through multiple channels.

Pierce County Community Plans – The Pierce County Community Plans are part of the Pierce County Code. Community Plans may have agriculture-specific guidelines that go beyond those included in the Comprehensive Plan. Not all areas of the County have their own Community Plan, so the agricultural policies from the Comprehensive Plan shall be applied in those areas.

Fresh Look at Pierce County Agriculture (2016 Study on Pierce County Agriculture and ARL Designation) – This study was initiated by the Pierce County Council to study the state of agriculture in Pierce County and its Agriculture Resource Land designations.

Preserving Farmland and Farmers (2006 Pierce County Agriculture Strategic Plan) – The 2006 Strategic Plan is a snapshot of how agriculture in Pierce County was undergoing rapid change in the mid-2000’s. Many of the findings and conclusions are still relevant today as Pierce County farms continue to face challenges from development pressures, high costs of doing business, inadequate agricultural infrastructure, and maintaining market access.

Emergency Preparedness for Livestock and Companion Animals - Steps for emergency event planning and how to prepare an emergency kit.