2. Cars and Trucks are Expensive and Pollute

2. Cars & Trucks Are Expensive & Pollute

The True Cost of Car and Truck Ownership
According to AAA the annual cost of ownership for an average sedan (In 2015) is $8,698 per year when considering monthly payments, maintenance, fuel, tire costs, insurance and depreciation. A 4wd SUV costs you $10,624 a year to own. Learn more about the true costs of vehicle ownership. To read the article from AAA click here.

Did You Know that oil from our vehicles is the biggest polluter of our rivers and streams in Pierce County? Check out this resource to make sure you "Don't Drip and Drive."

Transit, Walk or Ride.
If you are looking to save some real money (up to $8,698 annually), get healthy and do something good for the environment consider taking local transit, biking or walking to work or school. Learn more here http://www.piercetrips.com or here http://www.downtownonthego.com.

To Learn More about Electric Vehicles Watch This Video: