3. Protect Our Rivers, Lakes and Puget Sound

3. Protect Our Rivers, Lakes & Puget Sound

Understanding Stormwater

Over 830,000 people live in Pierce County and our daily actions impact the health of local waterways. Rain runoff picks up pollutants such as fertilizer, vehicle fluids, brake dust, pesticides, car wash soap and bacteria from pet waste and leaky septic systems. Most rain runoff is not treated before it reaches streams, rivers, lakes and Puget Sound. That’s why it is so important to fix car leaks, pick up pet waste and wash your car at a commercial car wash. Learn more tips about what you can do at Puget Sound Starts Here.

Green Infrastructure/Low Impact Development
Many local governments are starting to use Rain gardens and pervious pavement to start to allow rain to infiltrate on site. To learn more click here

Raise the Grade on Water Quality

Since 2008, the Surface Water Management (SWM) division has tracked and reported the water quality of streams and lakes in an annual Surface Water Report Card. Streams and lakes are graded on a scale of 'F' (failing) to 'A' (excellent). The goal of the "Raise the Grade" project is to improve water quality in streams and lakes with low grades. For more information read the 2016 Surface Water Health report.

Did You Know that in 2016 Pierce County stream health received a scientific grade of C for water quality.