4. Recycle and Limit Food Waste

4. Recycle & Limit Food Waste


The benefits of recycling are huge and we do a pretty good job of it in Pierce County. Click below to learn more about what can be recycled at your home.

Pierce County Recycling List

Tacoma Recycling List

Food Waste

In America roughly 40%
of all food is wasted between the farm and your plate. This is a massive waste of land, oil, energy and good food. In Pierce County food waste accounted for 15% (55,000 Tons) of the waste stream in 2016.

To limit food waste at home try these quick tips.

- Make sure you know what you already have in your refrigerator before shopping.
- Plan your meals with a date specific for eating the food you purchase.
- Be realistic about how much food you need and when you will eat out.
- Don't throw away food based on dates on the package. Learn More

For more information about food waste go here.

To better understand Pierce County’s waste characterization please click here.