7. Consider an Electric Vehicle

7. Consider an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles can save you money and clean up your driving habits. Electric Vehicles in Pierce County run primarily on clean hydropower and it will cost you under $20 to drive a thousand miles. No oil, no air pollution and cheaper to own and operate.

Did You Know Pierce County is home to over 1,500 Electric Vehicles as of July of 2017.

There are two types of electric vehicles pure electric vehicles and plug in hybrid vehicles. Pure Electric vehicles operate only on battery power and have no oil or gasoline so they need much less maintenance (Leaf, Tesla, Bolt). Plug in Hybrid vehicles can go 10-55 miles on electricity and then switch to a gasoline engine (Volt, Prius).

Leasing an electric vehicle is a good idea because the car dealer can take the $7,500 tax credit and dramatically reduce the cost of the lease. The technology is quickly getting better as well so a lease will make sure you have the best battery technology when you upgrade. When you turn your car in you will also be helping to create a used car market for electric vehicles that does not really exist today.

Pierce County put in place in 2016 a first of its kind Electric First Policy. The purpose of this policy is to promote the use of electric vehicles and electric equipment in Pierce County operations.