8. Buy A Programmable Thermostat and Other Tips for Home

8. Buy a Programmable Thermostat & Other Tips for Home

Programmable Thermostats can save you up to $120 on your electricity or natural gas bill. Many of us are heating our homes when we are not home or are sleeping. So consider buying a programmable thermostat to save energy, but make sure you take the time to set it up so that it does save you money.

Upgrade you old DVR to cut your energy bill significantly. The first DVR's (TIVO) never turned off and thus used almost a dollar a day in energy. If you rent your DVR through Comcast or Click simply take it back for a free upgrade to a newer more efficient model.

Get rid of your incandescent bulbs they are costing you a lot of money. LED bulbs are the perfect light bulb but it is important to look for rebates with them to make them more affordable. Tacoma Public Utilities and other local utilities to rebate LED bulbs. Be careful with CFL bulbs because they have mercury in them and need to be recycled.